Logistics is a multifunctional program created to implement control over all the working stages of a courier delivery service.

Logistics consists of two applications: web and mobile one. Web application is intended to be used by an operator. The web part is developed to manage working processes such as orders creation and distribution between units, routes planning and optimization, as well as monitoring and coordination of orders delivery. Mobile application is intended to be used by couriers. It is available on both smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS). The mobile part is developed to inform a courier on job details: orders attached, their sequence, and optimized delivery routes. Moreover, using the mobile application a courier notifies an operator on a progress of orders delivery (confirmation/rejection), leaves comments regarding it, attaches photos, and uses chat to communicate with an operator.

If you want Logistics to work in Wialon Local, you need the following:

The screen package for Debian
It is installed using the apt-get install screen command.

Separate DNS
Create a separate DNS and route it to the external IP of the server. Indicate this DNS with the type Logistics in the site settings in the administration system.

The configuration of Logistics in CMS is the same as for other apps. In the URL field you need to indicate the created DNS.

Access Rights

To work with orders, it is necessary to possess the following access rights towards a resource

- 'View orders' — to view the orders;

- 'View geofences' — to view the geofences;

- 'Create, edit, and delete orders' — to create, edit and delete the orders;

- ‘Create, edit, and delete drivers’ — to allow the driver receive notifications.


To work with orders, you must have the following rights towards the units

- 'View item and its basic properties' — to display the unit on the map and in the lists;

- ‘Query reports or messages' — to display tracks and query reports;

- 'Use unit in jobs, notifications, routes, retranslators' — to display the unit in the list when you distribute orders and change units on the route.

Attention! If one of the last two access rights is missing, the unit becomes unavailable for use in the application.


For the correct operation of the application, the following options must be activated in the user properties:

- ‘Can create items’ — to create orders (the 'New order' and 'Import orders' tabs are inactive);

- ‘Can send SMS’ — to edit the phone number in orders and choose the phone in the settings and orders. Moreover, if this right is not available, the field for SMS text entry is inactive;

- ‘Can change settings’ — to edit the settings.

Required Services

The application requires the 'Orders' service to be activated.

Correct Work of the Application

For the data to be correctly passed from the web application to mobile one, it is necessary to create drivers, warehouses, and orders in the same resource. To do so, create a driver in the monitoring system and in the web application's settings on 'General' tab choose a resource of the driver created.

Measurement System

A measurement system applied depends on user settings.

History period

The history period in Logistics depends on the one specified in the billing plan or account settings in Wialon.

Web Interface

Interface of the web application is divided into 2 panels: navigation menu (on the left) and working area (on the right).

In the working area of the main page there is the Dashboard, which presents summary information and helps to quickly jump to the required tab. Dashboard consists of four sections: Orders, Routes, Reports and Chat.

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