Delivery Service

Delivery Service is an application which allows you to plan an optimal route for passing the indicated points considering their geographical position and scheduled time of visit. The application can be useful for courier service companies and alike.


The left panel is used for indicating the addresses of delivery points and the scheduled delivery time frame as well as different parameters for planning a route. You can hide the left panel by clicking on the double arrow directed to the left.

The map occupies most of the interface. When you plan a route, the map shows the indicated points and, in the end, it displays the whole route. The available maps are Gurtam Maps and OpenStreetMap. To open the map selection menu, point to the icon in the upper right corner. You can drag the map using the left mouse button and zoom it in and out using the mouse scroll or the buttons +/- in the upper left corner of the map.

The bottom panel contains detailed information about the route as well as the buttons for printing and saving it.

Adding Addresses

Before adding an address, indicate the routing and address provider (Gurtam/Yandex). The selected cartographical service is used when determining the address or calculating the route.

You can indicate the address manually from the keyboard or using a double click on the map. The geofences created in the main interface of the monitoring system can also be used as addresses. Blue markers on the map stand for the newly added addresses.

For each point, you can indicate the required day and time frame of delivery as well as the estimated time of staying in the point. This data is important for further planning and optimization of the route. You can rename the points.

The maximum number of addresses which can be added is 50. You can change their sequence by dragging them up or down. To remove an address from the list, click on the cross next to it.

Route Planning Parameters

Indicate the estimated average speed in order for the system to make optimal calculations.

Activate the Lock first address and Lock last address options if the first and the last points should not change their position in the list of destinations. For example, suppose that the starting point of the courier is the office building, then they are going to visit several delivery points, and finally they should park the car in the parking place. In this case, the office address should be indicated first and the parking place — last. Then these points should be locked. You can lock either first or last points, if necessary.

If the Stick to schedule option is activated, then delivery interval as well as duration of stay in a check point will be taken into consideration during calculations. If there is a failure to the route according to the parameters indicated, it is necessary to take away the flag and try it over again.

The Snap to roads option could be helpful if a delivery is made by vehicle. In this case such factors as roads availability, driving direction and so on are taken into account. If the Snap to roads option is not activated, then the distance between the points is calculated for a straight line.

After all the parameters are set, click on the Calculate button. Calculation on the basis of the indicated parameters will be made.

Working with a Planned Route

After the route has been calculated it is displayed on the map, and a detailed information (table with an order and visiting time of all the check points as well as distance between every point) appears in the bottom panel. If you click on the address in the table, the map will be centered on the corresponding check point.

You can print the table and save the route in Wialon for the further usage.

You can add or delete check points at any time as well as change parameters for a route laying, and make another calculation on the basis of new data.

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