WiaChat is a web application developed for instant messaging between the operator and drivers (both messages and files sending supported). Messages can be sent via Internet or as SMS. To work with SMS messages, download the application from our website.

Access Rights

To work with drivers list, you should have the View drivers access right towards a resource where these drivers were created.

To view the history of communication with a driver, you should have the Create and edit drivers right towards a resource in which this driver was created.

Required Services

To send messages, activate the Drivers service.

To send SMS messages, activate the SMS messages service.

WiaChat (web application) works in pair with WiaChat mobile app. The web application is designed for an operator, the mobile one is designed for a driver. The web application supports sending messages as well as files of any type, while the mobile app supports sending messages and images.


WiaChat interface consists of two key elements: drivers list and chat.

Drivers List

The left panel provides a list of available drivers. Here you can choose a message recipient. To find a necessary driver, use a dynamic search situated above the drivers list. Moreover, you can sort the list by using the corresponding icons to the right of the search field (sorting by name, time, unread or undelivered messages). If a message is not delivered, then a special sign (!) to the right of a driver name informs you about it.



The right panel contains a chat and a message input field. A message can be added together with a file or location (address|coordinates). Click on the ‘paper clip’ icon, in the system dialog select the required files and press OK. Besides, files can be dragged from the folder into the chat dialog. To attach a location, click on the ‘map mark’ icon, indicate a required place on the map, and press Add position.

Chat supports the possibility of marking important messages. To do so, click on the ‘star’ to the left of a message. Later, marked messages can be easily found using the corresponding filter (above the chat).

The system provides a possibility for a quick search of messages in the chat history. A search can be implemented either by words in a message or by name of an attached file. The search field is situated above the chat. Moreover, messages can be filtered by their importance or by an availability of files attached. The corresponding filters are situated to the right of the search field.

Chat with a driver can be saved in XML format. To do so, click the corresponding icon above the messages filter.

Any attached file can be saved on your computer. To do so, click 'paper clip' icon to the right of a necessary file in a chat history.


To work with the mobile application, create a driver in the monitoring system. In the driver properties dialog enter a phone number and a mobile key. Indicated values are used as login (phone number) and password (mobile key) for the application authorization.

WiaChat interface consists of two key elements: main screen and side menu.

Main Screen

Main screen contains chat and messages input field.

A message can be attached with an image (either new or saved on your smartphone), file, and location. To do so, tap the corresponding buttons below the input field.

Chat history may be filtered in the following way: all the messages, text messages, or messages with files attached. To implement filtration, tap the corresponding item in the overflow menu (three vertical points) of the app’s top bar.

Side Menu

In the side menu you can enable saving photos to a gallery, or can choose photo quality, adjust a night mode, and activate sending messages as SMS.

Summon the side menu by tapping ‘hamburger’ icon in the app’s top bar or by swiping the screen to the right.

Photo Quality

Here you can choose image quality to be used upon photo sending (traffic consumption depends on the chosen quality). The following variants are available:

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