Track Player

Track Player is an application which serves to build tracks on the map and play them. The app supports playing several tracks simultaneously. Besides, you can view photos sent by an equipment as well as events and violations registered on an interval.

Access Rights

To build tracks, you should possess Query messages or reports right towards units.


There are several elements in the application interface. The central part of the screen is occupied by the map where units’ tracks are built. Go to the left top side of the map to find track building panel where the initial parameters to be set. A list of tracks with general information about them is placed below the track building panel. The bottom part of the screen is occupied by the player control panel.

Track Building

To begin working with tracks, go to the track building panel. Choose any time interval and unit in the dropdown list, and a track’s color in the color box. Different types of intervals could be chosen in the dropdown menu: established (Today, Yesterday, Current week, Current month, 7 days, 30 days) and adjustable (Custom) where any dates can be indicated. Established intervals are applied instantly. In order a custom interval to be applied, it is necessary to click ‘Change interval’ button.

After all the initial data (time interval, unit, and color) has been indicated, it is necessary to click Show track button. The corresponding track appears on the map and in the track list. Note that the track is built in accordance with the trip detection settings.

Unit’s name, mileage, date and time of the first and the last message are shown in the track list. Using the arrows Go to the first message/Go to the last message, a unit on the map is placed in the beginning or in the end of a track, correspondingly. Upon clicking a unit’s icon the map is centered on a current location of this unit. Opposite to every track, control buttons are situated (up to 4): Show/Hide photos, Follow the unit on the map, Settings. Their purpose is described below.


Gurtam Maps are used as a map source. Scaling buttons are situated in the top left corner of the map.

Upon clicking ‘Follow the unit on the map’ button in the list of tracks, the map is centered and scaled in such a way that a unit stays in the vision field while track playing.

Track Playing

The bottom part of the screen is occupied by the player control panel. Click Play button to start. Click it again to pause. To the left of Play button, you can choose an appropriate playback speed (changeable even upon playback).

While a playback is on, you can not only follow a unit’s position on the map, but also observe the dynamically changing parameters’ values (speed, sensors). The values are displayed in the track list (left panel). To choose these parameters, click Settings button opposite to a track and indicate necessary items.

The upper part of the player control panel is the chronological scale corresponding to the chosen time interval. Trips on the scale are shown by color stripes. Upon clicking Show/Hide photos button, smaller-sized photos sent by a unit are added to the scale. Availability of such a button and photos depends on both whether this function is available for equipment used and whether these photos has been received on a chosen time interval. Point the cursor on a photo to view it enlarged.

White marks on the scale mean events registered in the unit history. Point cursor on such a mark, and a tooltip with event description appears. Corresponding marks are shown on the track as well.

The scroll bar is situated below. Dragging the slider you can easily move on the map to the location of a unit in a particular moment of time (either playing a track or staying on pause). Any part of an interval could be viewed in detail. Borders of a chosen part are specified by clicking its beginning and end points on the playback bar. You can drag borders with the cursor. If any part is chosen, the chronological scale will be reconsidered according to it, and only this part can be played.

Using single arrows Back/Forward it is possible to skip from 1 to 9 seconds depending on the indicated playback speed. Using double arrows it is possible to move to the beginning/end of a chosen interval.

Clicking 'spanner' button in the right corner of the panel, Skip intervals between trips option can be activated. In this case only the unit’s messages defined as trips are played.


Spacebar — play/pause.

Up/down arrow key — increase/decrease playback speed.

Left/right arrow key — moving back/forward on the scroll bar.


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