TachoView is an application developed to analyze data received from tachograph files. The analysis is made on the basis of the following criteria: driving, work, availability, rest. Any kind of driver’s activity is visually marked on the timeline in order to facilitate the analysis. Moreover, the detailed information can be found in reports. You can either download it in XLS format or print it.

Access Rights

In order for the application to work properly it is necessary to possess the following rights towards a resource: Query reports or messages, View drivers.

Billing Services

The work of the application requires activation of the following billing services: Tachograph, Drivers, and Advanced reports.


There are 3 blocks in the interface of the application:

In the upper right corner there are icons to go to the application settings () and documentation ().


In the application settings, you can select the colours for the driver activity chart and the data source of the application.

Using the palette or a value in the HEX format, you can specify the colour of indicators for the following types of driver activity:

The Driver activity source option allows to specify the data source for the application.

Query Formation

In this block you can select a driver from the dropdown list and specify a time interval for which you would like to implement data analysis. There are two types of intervals available: fixed (Yesterday, Today, Week, Fortnight, Month), and adjustable interval (Custom) where any dates can be set. Click on the Previous/Next arrows to change the interval back or forth for a day, week, two weeks, or month, correspondingly.

Driver Activity Chart

The diagram enables to analyze driver’s activity regarding its period of action. Any performed activity is shown on the timeline with the help of a color indicator. Actions on a timeline are visualized not only with color, but also with graphical elements (icons). Point the cursor at the elements of visualization to see the tooltip with the information on the time of the beginning and duration of an activity.

It should be noted that activity violations are shown on a timeline with the help of a red hatching, as well as the attention mark (!). Moreover, all the graphical elements of the infringement timeline become red.

Y-axis of the diagram is for the activity criteria (driving, work, availability, rest). X-axis corresponds to the selected time interval. The diagram can be scaled using the mouse scroll. As a result, the time interval is split into smaller intervals (up to 5 minute intervals). Therefore, you can implement a more detailed (per-minute) analysis of any driver’s activity. Click and drag in order to move to the required side of the scaled timeline.

In the header of the diagram (the right side), there is the legend of driver’s activity, which indicates the total time for each type of activity.

To the right of the timeline there is a calendar using which you can find the dates when an activity took place. The dates with an activity are brighter. Click on such a date in the calendar to see the driver’s activity diagram for the selected day. You can hide/show the calendar if necessary.


The bottom block is the report panel. Selected interval and driver’s activity legend are both shown in the header of this panel.

To begin working with a report, it is necessary to choose its type from the dropdown list. The application supports 4 types of reports: Driver Activity, Infringements, Activity Chart, and Daily Activity.

Driver Activity report has a table view and includes the following parameters:

The table can be sorted by any of the above mentioned parameters. Click on the parameter in the header of the table to apply sorting.

Click the required date in the table to open a table in which the information for the day is detailed by time. The table includes the following columns: the time of activity start, its type, duration, and also the state of slot, status, and card. Return to the main table by clicking on the time interval in the header of the reports panel.

Infringements report has a table view and includes such parameters as the time and date of the violation, its type, short description, and severity of the violation.

Activity Chart report has a table view where every day of the selected time interval is split into 1 hour intervals. Duration of every type of activity is shown in front of the timeline. The timeline itself is marked with color indicators corresponding to the type of driver’s activity. The same color scheme is used both for reports and driver’s activity timeline blocks. Click on the date to open a table with detailed information for the day.

Daily Activity report is a table with an activity scheme for each date of a selected interval and such parameters as operating time, driving time and mileage.

Any of the generated reports can be either downloaded in XLS format or printed using the corresponding buttons located in the upper right corner of the reports panel.

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