Chatterbox is an application which enables an operator to communicate with drivers and send different commands to units. Messages can be delivered via the Internet (TCP or UDP connection) or SMS. For the latter, you should have the SMS messages service activated.

Access Rights

To send commands, you should possess the Execute commands right to the unit.

When you start the application for the first time, the corresponding commands are automatically created in the unit properties. For this purpose, you should possess the Create, edit, and delete commands right to the unit.

To work with the lists of drivers and geofences, you should possess the View drivers, View geofences, and View detailed item properties rights to the resource where these drivers and geofences have been created.

To view the history of messages, you should possess the Query reports or messages right to the unit.

To delete messages from the history, you should possess the Delete messages right to the unit.

Required Services

To send messages to drivers, you should have the Drivers service activated.


The left panel contains a list of available units and drivers as well as the lastest chats. Here you can select to whom or where to send a message.

To the right of each driver's and unit name there is a status icon. If it is green, the connection is available. Besides, if there is a stable connection, the colour of the list item is bright.

If the colour of the list item is bright while the status icon is inactive, this means that the device supports virtual commands. In other words, you can send a command to such a unit even if there is no connection at the moment. In this case, the unit will receive the command as soon as the connection is restored.

The dynamic search at the top of the list allows you to find the required items quickly.


The chat panel occupies the central part of the application. At the top of the panel, you can see the name and the phone number of the selected driver/unit. If two numbers are shown, select the required one by clicking on it.

Type the text of the message in the field below. In the lower left corner, select Chat or SMS as a sending method. If you select Chat, the number of the entered symbols is displayed in the lower right corner . If you select SMS, you can see the remaining number of symbols and the number of SMS messages in brackets. To send the message, click on the green button or press Enter (the Press Enter to send option should be activated).

An audio signal is used to inform you about an incoming message. To turn it on/off, click on the speaker button in the lower left corner of the chat panel.

Sending Destination Points

The application allows you to send not only text messages, but also destination points found in the search bar or predefined ones. The right panel is designed for this purpose.

A list of geofences as well as the address search bar are displayed here. Enter the required destination point in the search bar or select a geofence from the list. The map at the bottom of the panel is centered on the specified point or on the selected geofence. If necessary, you can correct the destination point manually by dragging the marker to the required place.

Double-click on the marker to send the address and coordinates of the destination point. To send a geofence quickly, double-click on its name in the list.

If necessary, you can hide the right panel by clicking on the green square in the upper right corner of the application.

History of Messages

The application allows you to view the history of messages. After you select a driver or a unit, its today’s messages (if any) are shown in the chat panel. Other available intervals are Yesterday, Week, Month, From beginning.

After selecting the interval, you can see all the messages for this period in the chat panel. Click Outgoing, Incoming, or All messages above the input field to view the messages you have sent, received, or all of them respectively. To find a particular message, you can use the dynamic search above the input field.

You can delete the messages from the chat. To do this, click on the message and then on the red cross icon next to it. The messages deleted from the chat are completely deleted from the database.

You can export the displayed history to an XML file. To do this, click Export to .xml below the phone number.

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